I bought a scroll of grid wire, equally this was much cheaper together with the wire slightly thinner, making it easier to cutting through.  It needed a footling moulding to brand the wire flat – I rolled it inwards the contrary management together with carefully bent a few sections to brand the wire easier to run alongside.

You tin can brand your wall grid any cast together with size only for anything other than a foursquare, take hold of some washi record to help you mark out the outline of your form – you lot can easily review the size as well as move lines around until yous are completely happy alongside the expect:

To ensure that the shape would stand or lean every bit good as live fixed to the wall, I made the points of the star foursquare and apartment.

When you lot are completely happy with the outline, accept your cutters together with get down carefully cutting through the wire inward line of work with your washi record guide.

To make your cut wire condom, bend the exposed wires over too flatten amongst pliers to withdraw the abrupt edges:

Once your wire is all made condom, you can display your grid star too commence using it!

Mine is currently on transcend of my desk, only this was besides completely created alongside Christmas in heed – perfect for wrapping lights through as well as clipping Christmas cards to.

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