I decided to throw caution to the air current as well as gratis-mode my letters, simply you could write or impress off text to purpose as a guide.
Simply curve your pipecleaner into each letter of the alphabet, wrapping the pipecleaner if you lot demand to add together a scrap of stability or to change management:

…if y’all run out of pipecleaner, its slowly to add, twisting the ends together in addition to carrying on your give-and-take:

Trim the pipecleaner when finished as well as either use the loops inward the letters equally your hanging, or tie/cook in identify with glue your ribbon.

…can you guess which discussion it is yet?

Words, letters, shapes, Christmas tree decorations, present tags or hanging to identify around your home – add a bit of sparkle as well as make certain you lot percentage your makes alongside me if you practise!

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