The atmospheric condition [for the most office] is warming upwardly too I cannot help but think of holidays forthwith.  Travelling is ane of my most favourite things to do, whether a quick metropolis intermission or long adventures, then I’1000 pretty keen to have a few more travel-themed pieces of fine art on the wall.  I thought I’d first with a elementary map mountain for whatever flick to sit behind.  I travelled Australia [scarily nearly 10 years agone!], and so this was my pick of pattern.

Whаt I Uѕеd:
A4 саnvаѕѕ оf whіtе mеnu
Prіntеd Mар / tеxt
Crаft knіfе / реnсіl / сuttіng mаt / rесоrd

I plant a google paradigm that gave me elementary, just nonetheless defined outlines too messed nearly alongside it a flake to get an A5 size printed:

With a difficult pencil, I traced the outlines of the images I wanted to transfer:

…and placed the prototype confront downwards on to the dorsum of the menu that would be my mountain.
With a soft pencil, I scribbled over where the traced lines were to transfer them, reflected, on to the back of the card [this would mean after cutting out the image, the correct side, without pencil marks would non live back to front!]:

Now, the fun begins.  Craft knife time as well as patience time.  Australia does non hold rounded shores.  I started section by section, keeping the lines equally shut to those used every bit a template as possible:

….until the epitome was completely cutting away, smaller Fraser Island, included:

For the background, some beautiful print textile or a photo would live perfect, simply until I tin can determine, I made a temporary text background on the reckoner:

…all fastened in place with a petty washi tape:

I’thousand embarrassed to say it was hanging for a adept thirty minutes earlier I spotted my mistake:

….had I non gone to the effort of reflecting the paradigm and then the pencil marks wouldn’t demo?

Have a cracking weekend – I recall I require 1.

еnсоuntеr уоu lоt nеxt tіmе x

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