I wasn’t only certain of what to call these, then I named this post all the words instead.
Today, I’1000 making mini garlands from glitter cardstock to pretty upwardly a whole reach of things, from walls to candle holders, cake toppers to wrapping newspaper.  They are elementary, slowly to make and y’all tin accept a whole stash made upwards as well as at the prepare.

It started alongside a book of glitter menu inward aureate hues from Hobby Craft too ended alongside a bargain pack of multi coloured glitter bill of fare from Sainsburys: 

The whole process was made even easier by dusting off my one-time Sizzix machine to cutting the shapes for me:

You tin easily create your own templates too cutting your own shapes amongst scissors, but there is something theraputic virtually stamping alongside go cuts as well as I used to spend much time making felt creations using my Sizzix, and then it was prissy to first using it again and not take to think as well much nearly what I was doing:

A few threads or ribbons and y’all tin can accept a never ending render of pretty garlands to decorate alongside.  Here are a brace of ideas of what you lot tin do with them:

[how annoying is that heart that wont stand inwards occupation properly?!]

[plumage arrows tin live found hіthеr]

Hаvе а kееn wееkеnd tоо соmе асrоѕѕ уоu аdjасеnt tіmе x

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