Hello!  As Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year, I have a really quick and easy last minute pudding/dessert/treat idea.  All you need is some white chocolate/icing, dark writing icing and a teacake….

Ah! Tunnock’s Teacakes.  Yum.
For this simple treat, you need to melt your chocolate using your favourite method [microwave/hob]

Now cover your teacake in a coating of melted white chocolate – use the back of a spoon to help if needed.  [If you don’t have white chocolate handy – icing sugar and a little water is a good alternative]

Allow to dry and then cover again if needed
[to create more of a ‘ghostly’ effect, the chocolate dripping and gathering at the bottom is a bonus]

Once set, you can draw on your face – I used the Sainsburys caramel writing pens [as in this post] – simple eyes or add a screaming mouth [I forgot to take a photo of this one – sorry!]

Like double stuff Oreos – these taste even better with the extra chocolate – Tunnocks, can you arrange?

And it is as simple as that! [does he remind you of this at all?] Might have made a cute ghost. Oops.

You could also make these with orange chocolate and turn them into pumpkins – I’m already starting to think of the Christmas alternatives – yes, I said it – CHRISTMAS [be warned, it is my MOST favourite time of the year – I will be squeezing every last drop out of it!]
Update: This post is now here.

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