Today, I’m bringing y’all the results of my try of the Jewellery Maker novel kits.  I’ve worked alongside Jewellery Maker before, and tried out their Gеmѕtоnе Brасеlеt kіt, which I really enjoyed.  From their new reach of kits, which include Stamping and Seed Beading, I’ve tested the Wіrе Wrіtіng Kіt.  Ive seen diverse wire writing hangers, jewellery in addition to accessories as well as was dandy to give the technique a become myself – what amend way than amongst a kit.

The kit provides you lot amongst materials to create two ‘dearest’ necklaces – but that’second only the findings and fastenings.  You receive 10m of wire – plenty for more than than merely the 2 ‘dearest’ words together with depending on the length of chain as well as whether you lot opt for a necklace or bracelet [like me], in that location’sec room for a few more.  So no worries if you make a fault as well as experience yous want to offset over again, have a practice run or fifty-fifty experiment amongst longer words – there are enough of supplies provided.

You also have the added back up of the Jеwеllеrу Mаkеr YоuTubе channel.  An didactics booklet is also provided, but this gives guidance inward a means words and photos just tin’t replicate – how to reach the required bends, changes in management in addition to how to go alongside the wire – and so this was a really useful resource to hold to sentry earlier attempting myself too whilst I was making.

With zero more than than the wire too 2 pliers, y’all can begin to go the wire together with create a discussion that comes to life correct before you lot.  The added demonstration and explanation really helped together with I could stop in addition to first the video [the demo is quite fast] every bit I went along:

Like amongst most novel crafts, the cardinal is to live patient as well as have your time as y’all follow along – I was really surprised at the ease with which the wire works too learned a lot well-nigh how the tools should be used – something I tin apply to lots of time to come DIYs!

In total, the DIY took me 30 minutes [alongside enough of stop/starting the video every bit I went along] which was a huge surprise and I am convinced this is down to the YouTube tutorial, and then highly recommend checking the videos out if y’all try any of the kits.

I gained confidence every bit the discussion came to life, then I’m looking frontward to trying out another DIYs to set this novel-constitute confidence to the test.

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Adding the findings as well as chain, I turned my discussion in to a bracelet that I am pretty proud of – I’m not a meg miles off the master copy?!

I was convinced my word would have kinks, precipitous bends in addition to uneven heights as well as sizes of letters.  The kit suggests that it is for makers of intermediate level – but I’d encourage yous to give it a get whatever plane you may class yourself [or not] inwards – it power merely live your matter together with I don’t mean you lot’ll know until y’all essay!  If you lot have got whatsoever questions nigh the kit that I haven’t answered hither, please do inquire.

It’second a weirdly therapeutic arts and crafts together with non stressful in any way – like I expected.  I even used some extra wire to acquire my Carrie Bradshaw on….

…demand to function on the length required estimations – but I’ll be back alongside some more DIYs of what this has inspired!

Overall – I loved the xxx minutes I was completely absorbed inward creating my bracelet.  The YоuTubе tutorial completely brings everything to life together with I experience completely inspired to make more than together with experiment with a few other ideas I promise I can share when they come up to life.

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