Hello! Today, I am posting a quick tutorial on how you can tie a decorative, neat bow, time and time again – and looks great when using bows on wreaths, decorations, wrapping – anything – and a technique I find myself using around this time of year more than ever.

 The best way I can describe how to get a neat bow every time is by tying it backwards.  If you tied a bow, as you would every day, it would look something like this:

You can pin, glue and sew the ends in place to get the look you might want, but it wont be as full or neat [IMO] as the backwards bow: This is how I tie mine as a decoration on its own, rather than as a tie around something.  First, fold the ribbon/fabric in the centre and hold with the fold facing to the left:

Hold the ribbon where you would like the tie to be made.
Now, with the length of ribbon from the front, bring it over the top of your thumb:

and fold back through the loop that you have created [Try not to twist your ribbon in the process]:

Pull both loops apart and tie.  You can change the length of the ends and size of the bow by pulling one side at a time, holding the centre to make sure the bow doesn’t un-tie:


Trim the ends of your ribbon to finish.  My favourite is cutting at an angle:

But, zig-zag and inverted triangles are also favourites: 

These next few images show the same bow, but how to use it as a tie for decoration:

and for present wrapping:

[P.s – The reason for posting this will also become clearer in approximately 3 weeks!]

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