{Here Comes The Sun}

For me, Autumn doesn’t arrive with September.  My birthday is in the middle of the month and I like to pretend I have a summer birthday by ignoring the cooler weather, dark nights and wind and having garden birthday BBQ parties.
Luckily, September is playing the game too so far and I am loving the bright mornings and sunny days. One of my all time favourite songs inspired this project, so before the sun disappears, I create this sunny reminder to hang in my home.  Anything that gets ‘Here Comes The Sun’ stuck in my head cannot be a bad thing.

{print your own chevron background}

What I Used:
Yellow chevron card [A4 size]
Paper / Pencil / Cellotape

Time Taken:
approximately 1 hour start to finish

as I already had all the materials needed, free!

Because of the quote I have chosen, I wanted simple design with a bright background and decided to create my own with a chevron design in two-tone yellow [if you’d like it too, just right-click on the picture above and save to your computer to print your own].   I printed the design onto A4 white card.

I wanted a free-hand style text for the lyrics, but always find it useful to have a guide, so after finding a similar style that I was after [I used brush script], I printed out the text in the size I wanted.
Using a window as my light box, I placed the text behind the background card, secured with tape and traced the design with pencil.

I’ve wanted to create this print for a while, but was unsure of the final design until I found the Tipp-Ex.
 I found no less than 12 half-empty bottles of Tipp-Ex around the house.  I can’t remember the last time I used any of it [at school, as nail varnish most probably] but it was perfect in adding the lyrics.  It covers any pattern, no matter how bold or bright and has a texture similar to oil paint, that I really like [if you used a bright, retro fabric as your background, it would also be perfect as the thick consistency wont remould the fabric or bleed] and is so easy to apply.
Removed from the window, I went over the pencil outlines first and then filled in, going over some areas once dry for extra texture and coverage.  As I used a foam brush tip, the edges to my text are not completely neat, so if you want this effect, Tipp-Ex pens are probably best in achieving a crisp outline.
Once happy with your text, leave to completely dry [this wont take long].
I finished the print by attaching to a clipboard with bulldog clip and hanging.

“Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun and I say, It’s all right.” [George Harrison, The Beatles]
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  My birthday is in the middle of the month and I like to pretend I have a summer birthday Here Comes The Sun
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