Following yesterdays post, a colourful art idea to brighten your walls!

What You Need:
Air Eraseable Pen / Pencil
Embroidery Hoop
Embroidery Thread

To start, secure your fabric in the embroidery hoop, ensuring that your fabric is taut and that the fastening is tight to ensure it will not move when you embroider.
I chose the simple mantra ‘live, love, laugh’ for my embroidery and decided to do this using free-hand writing.  I wrote straight on to the fabric using a pencil, however; if you have one, you can use an air erasable pen so any mistakes will magically vanish within a few hours.
Alternatively, you could trace text from a print out [using the same method as this art work], use a stencil or create your own template [as in this post].  Or be a complete rebel and use no guide – no right or wrong, as in everything – just whichever suits you.
With colours that matched the fabric I chose, I began to sew over the top of my writing with embroidery floss. I made my stitches fairly small and tight [however; be careful that if you are pulling your stitches tight, you don’t pull the fabric with them].  Secure and finish your stitch at the back, threading a knot back around through the stitching.
[I maybe recommend ironing your fabric before hand too…….Oops]
Alternate your colours, text sizes and fonts – depending on what your art is for and the style of your home / hanging space:

To finish, cut the fabric around the frame, no less than 1cm width and run a glue stick around
the inside of the embroidery hoop, pressing the fabric down around the inside:
If you wanted to hide the stitching and back, you can cut a piece of card to the size of the embroidery hoop and secure [but I am a little lazy and missed this step]… 
…and your art is ready to hang!  Simple and pretty.
The fabric I have used is from the ‘Fresh Cut’ range by Heather Bailey [if you’ve not been to her site before, I recommend it very, very much!]
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