Happy Friday!  I am so glad it is the weekend!  Today I have a simple makeover that I used to transform two bangles that I am not particularly in love with and are not really my style into something I have worn almost every day this week.  As with most things I make, this was so simple and quick [I’m easily distracted by other projects/ideas otherwise] and you may have something that could be transformed in the same way in your jewellery box?

What I Used:
Gold Link Bangles

These are the bangles in question:

A little too chunky on their own for me, but they are everywhere at the moment [you can find similar ones on eBay or in most high street fashion stores] and with my big jumpers a regular feature at work, I’m a big fan of prettying them up with bolder/bigger jewellery.
I decided to soften the look of the bangle with ribbon in a pale cream and light grey, as I thought they would go with most things I will wear:

I began by cutting a length of thread a little longer than the circumference of the bangle, tying a knot in one end [to make sure it doesn’t unthread] and threading through from the inside of the bangle:

Then continuing the threading around the bangle:
Once reaching the end, I threaded so that the ribbon ends met in the inside of the bangle:
To neaten and fasten the ribbon in place, I trimmed one side and fixed in place with glue, adding glue to the top, cutting the other side close and fixing in place:
Leaving the glue to dry, my bangle was finished:

I repeated the threading on the other bangle with my white thread:

but finished by threading from the outside and tying a bow at the end:

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[Guess which photos in this post were taken in daylight]
So simple, but bracelets that I have worn all week and now really like!  Have a fantastic weekend – I’m hoping I can try out a few more jewellery ideas – see you next week!

  • You could fix all your ribbons in place with a bow, rather than glue, making them removable depending on what you are wearing – different colour/patterned ribbons would be great to swap with.
  • Friendship bracelets, beaded threads or plaited fabric would be a brilliant contrast to the ribbon.
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  Today I have a simple makeover that I used to transform two bangles that I am not partic Gold Link Bangle Makeover
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