Warning: This post contains some truly awful photography.  Sorry.

Each year I decorate a pumpkin with a character or recognisable face from a scary[ish] film [Jack Skellington being my favourite so far] and although I plan to do the same this year, I also wanted to try something out that would last longer than the pumpkin that after a night with a candle inside never looks quite the same.  I’m also on a Strictly-induced glitter frenzy, so I present my glitter pumpkins.

What I Used:
2 x small pumpkins [£1 each]
Gren and Gold Glitter Glue [Large £1.99/Small £1.25, HobbyCraft]

I wasn’t entirely sure of how I wanted to decorate my pumpkins, although I have seen the beautiful ones covered completely in glitter, I still wanted the pumpkin to show through and have some sort of halloween-y design, so I settled for gooey drip effects.

I love my glitter glue pens [also used regularly for projects like this], so rather than make the mess I would with glue and then loose glitter, I picked a green and gold to use and chose to make my decoration free-hand.

If you would prefer, you could draw your design in pencil/pen to give you lines to follow, or print a design and draw over the top, pressing into the pumpkin and leaving an impression to use as a guide.

I started with a simple line, from the top to about half way.  To gain the dripping effect, I squeezed more glue at the bottom of the line and then pulled the glue upwards to neaten:

I continued this all the way around the pumpkin, varying the lengths and making some thinker than the others and adding little splodges [not because I accidentally made one] to break it up a bit.

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At the top, I made a right mess and just covered the whole thing [I think this would have all looked nicer with a proper stalk at the top, but what can you do?]

Do you ever pick up a pumpkin, put it in your trolley and completely forget to check it looks lovely ALL the way around?  I do.  I’m so busy ticking it off my list, I forget to check.  Imagine what I’m like with eggs.  Luckily, it was just the smaller pumpkin, but it did mean I had to change the decoration.

So I set about creating a much larger drip effect, covering around 2/3rds of the pumpkin.  First, I started by drawing the outline with my gold glitter glue pen:

and then filled it in as best I could – I went a stage of messiness further and layered my covering as well:

Lovely….and then leave to dry [due to the layering, my pumpkins were left overnight….and whilst I was at work]… so it only took….within…18 hours to set?!

You could create almost anything and if you aren’t so keen on carving your pumpkin, you can just draw a face on instead!  Next year, I think I’ll be more creative and try so swirls, writing and maybe just decorate my pumpkins a little more pretty – if you glitter your pumpkins too, I’d love to see them!

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