Sometimes I find cake decorations really uninspiring and for a friend’s recent birthday, could not find the cake / candles that I wanted for their big day.  The party was ‘afternoon tea’ themed, so I opted for a plain victoria sponge and having seen lots of lovely [but a little too expensive] bunting banner cake toppers, used these as my inspiration for a simple and sophisticated [like my friend – the sophisticated part, not the simple] cake banner of my own.

If you have little time but want to personalise a cake or pretty one up for a birthday – this is a cheap and quick alternative:

What I Used:
30th Birthday Card Topper [£2.99 from HobbyCraft]
Skewers [50p for a pack of 50 from Asda]

Time Taken:
10 minutes

£3.49 (with left-overs!)

My magpie-eye had caught sight of this in my second-home:

For my banner, I used just the numbers and stars from the embellishment pack.  I can use the other embellishments for future gift tags or cards:

To start, I placed my skewers the width of the cake would allow and measured out a length of thread that would also allow for ties at either end of the skewer.  The embellishments are 3D, so have a sticky foam padding on the back

I rearranged the double sided foam on the ‘0’ so that the number could hang from the thread at the same level as the ‘3’ and attached to the middle section of the thread
[the foam comes off and can be re-attached easily – add some glue if you find it loses it’s stickiness]
[If you are a little wary of the numbers falling off, secure them on the back also with a little cellotape or small piece of paper for the double sided foam to attach itself to].
Attach the thread at either end to a skewer – I tied mine about 1/3 of the way down with a double knot.

To help keep in place and also to add a little more decoration, I covered the knot with the silver stars from the pack.

Now place into your cake:

– so simple but a nice, personalised decoration!  The variations to this are endless and I will be trying some alternatives when we next celebrate.  

I’ll be posting later in the week with alternatives to ready-made glitter embellishments with a ‘how-to’ create your own – simple, personalised and they look fabulous for less.

If you have a go at making one, or already make these yourself – I’d love to see them!
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 Sometimes I find cake decorations really uninspiring and for a friend Glitter Banner Cake Topper
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