So simple and can be used for so many different things – here’s a simple ‘How To’ for yo-yos

What You Need:
A length of fabric
Fabric yo-yos are really simple decorations to make and can be used for so many different projects, as accents or on their own.  I used yo-yos as flower accents for yesterday’s Autumn wreath.
Before you start, the length of fabric you use will be effected by two things: The length will change the pleats and how ‘bunched’ the fabric yo-yo will be and width will change the size of the yo-yo.
Once you have decided on the size and style of your yo-yo, cut your fabric accordingly.
Tie a knot at one end of your thread and complete a rough running stitch along the bottom of your length of fabric [about 0.5cm from the edge]:
One you reach the end, pull the thread tightly, allowing the fabric to bunch.  
To join the fabric ends, thread your needle back into the start of the running stitch.  This will join the fabric and form the circle.  Tie a knot to secure and thread your needle to the inside of the yo-yo.
Folding the open edges inside, I ran a blanket stitch to attach them [but any secure stitch will do]:
This now forms a yo-yo… 
….however; I make my yo-yos double the width that I want so that I can finish them in a way that I find a little neater.  This involves folding the fabric to the back, stitching in place – bring one side to meet the opposite in the centre with a small stitch:
Then bring the sides to match, then each diagonal side, securing in the centre – the opposite side should now look like this [you can fan the fabric and pull it into a circular shape easily]:
…a completed yo-yo.  
I added a button to the centre to create my flowers for the wreath, however, there are many alternatives:
  • String several yo-yos on to thread or a ribbon to create a yo-yo garland
  • Add buttons to create embellishments for cards or tags for presents.
  • Add a yo-yo that has not been folded over and secured at the back in a contrasting colour/fabric to create a flower, rosette style bade or brooch.
  • If you don’t want to finish your yo-yo by folding at the back, but want to neaten the edge, you can run a decorative stitch on the raw edge, even add beading or trimming such as a ribbon.

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