You know when an idea hits you that seems so ingenious, no one could ever have thought of it before? I would like to thank Google for always reminding me I am actually probably 2 years late in my thoughts and ideas.  What I am posting about today is in no way original, except I made mine for muffins – ha! Eat that Google [with a pretty doily wrapper round it].

What I used:
Doilies [one makes 2/3 wrappers]
Glue stick

Over the weekend, I helped my parents with bringing everything out of their loft, sorting it and then putting most of it back again.  One of my only finds [severely let down by that lack of vintage chests, tea sets and chesterfields etc.] were a lovely little batch of WHSmith ‘Doylies’.  

I am a lover of traditional English decor and afternoon tea and doilies remind me of that and I love the pastel and patterned doilies you can now buy everywhere.  If you are serving an afternoon tea or just want to pretty up your cupcakes/muffins or use up your doilies, this is a really simple way to create your own cases/wrappers.

The muffins?  Shop bought of course – so they already come with a soggy looking wrapper, but this is perfect as it gives something for the doily wrapper to stand against.

My version is very quick –  no marking/measuring – just cutting like Edward*. Take your doily and make a snip in the centre and cut alongside the bottom of the doily pattern to remove the centre

Now, wrap round your cake/muffin to gauge the length that you need the wrapper to be [if you can match the pattern at the join, even better] and simply cut at the join

Now either glue the join [use a stick, rather than runny glue], staple or cellotape and place your cake/muffin inside.  Joy!

  • Use patterned/coloured doilies if you have a theme/want to brighten your life up a bit
  • If you want to add a subtle colour to your wrap – put your cakes/muffins in a coloured case first and wrap the doily round
  • Doilies can be coloured with food colouring, watered down in a spray bottle.  Cover in the colour and leave to dry!

* Scissorhands, not Prince, or Cullen [tut!]

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