Halloween is a brilliant excuse to play with your food – if you thought the teacakes were simple – 
you haven’t seen anything yet!

What You Need:
Plastic Creepy Crawlies / Halloween Sweets
I’ve made this quick dessert for Halloween before and there are so many things that you can put in jelly to get in the Halloween spirit.  Todays post shows spider and ant filled jelly, however; you can add jelly teeth, worms, chocolate eyeballs or any of the Halloween-themed sweets in the shops at the moment.
 Make up your jelly according to the packet [I chose blood-coloured Strawberry flavour] and fill your dessert pots half-full.  Add a sprinkling of the creepy crawlies/sweets and put in the fridge to set.
  Once set, fill the remaining half of the dessert bowl and add any extra creeps/teeth/eyes/body parts to the mix before setting in the fridge again.  Once set – you have a lovely ‘appetising’ jelly dessert! Enjoy!
Adults: add vodka – *bet you’re more interested now*
You could also make a large bowl full of jelly, churning when set and mixing the ants/spiders etc. in with the jelly chunks which you can then put into individual bowls. It looks appropriately disgusting!
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