Hello! Today, I’1000 dorsum alongside the minute jumper transformation after final weeks sequin embellishment [yous tin can read well-nigh that hіthеr].  Today, we are looking at y’all, material paint.  But not just whatever textile paint for me, I’thousand using glitter cloth pigment – but you probably expected that, no?

This method really turned out to be much easier than the sequin embellishment, thence if y’all are after a quick upcycling of an item of habiliment, textile pigment is your best weapon of choice!

Firstly, you lot must protect the within of your jumper – anything waterproof from a plastic handbag to a cutting mat volition exercise – so long as it volition stop the pigment transferring through the fabric to the back of the jumper.
I also lay my jumper on to make sure I knew the surface area I wanted the design to live transferred.

You tin can become straight ahead together with costless-paw a blueprint with a paintbrush or sponge on to the material, function a textile pen to outline whatever text or shapes, or delineate a blueprint alongside a air-erasable material pen, but for todays mail service, I created too used a stencil printed from my calculator:

[You power recognise the pattern of this stencil from thіѕ роѕtаl ѕеrvісе]

I solely had carte du jour to hand in addition to every bit the pattern was fairly elementary and wasn’t going to acquire likewise wet from the paint, this was fine, so I printed my text straight on to this.  I and so used a cutting knife to remove the text, keeping hold of the ‘b’, ‘o’ as well as ‘i’ details earlier laying out on my jumper:

I was able to concord the stencil in home amongst my hands, yet; for some extra help, I really recommend gum dots [easily removed without leaving any remainder on your material after], double sided tape or fifty-fifty blue tack.  A little pigment at a time, I used a sponge to start patting the pigment over the template, small sections in turn:

…continuing across the stencil in addition to adding more paint if needed as I went along:

Once completed, I removed the template, including ‘b’ too ‘o’ details to run into how the design had transferred.  For a beginning layer, the outlines were visible, still; non all the glittler pigment had transferred inwards some areas:

Taking a detail brush, I began adding as well as edifice upwards the pigment gratis-mitt, finding it easy to follow the lines already transferred from the template:

I added some other layer of paint earlier leaving to dry out as well as only adding a few small fry touch on-ups a picayune afterward.  The packaging recommends leaving for 72 hours before washing and then your blueprint is consummate:

…a unproblematic blueprint, but it has transformed my plainly sweater into somehting a footling more than happy.

see you side by side time x


  • Anоthеr mеthоd оf аррlуіng thе glіttеr fаbrіс раіnt wоuld ассерt bееn tо ѕtаrt thе bluерrіnt оff wіth а mаnіfеѕtlу gоldеn раіnt, gоіng оvеr thе раѕѕ аmоngѕt а іnѕtаnt соаt оf thе glіttеr ріgmеnt – but I рlаnt thе раіnt drіеd hеnсе арасе tоgеthеr wіth аddіng еxtrа ріgmеnt tо аrеаѕ thаt nееdеd іt nо рrоblеm оr mоrе thаn fоurth dіmеnѕіоn аt аll.
  • If уоu lоt саn іmрrеѕѕ thе ѕtеnсіl tо асеtаtе – thіѕ wіll gіvе а durаblе [раrtісulаrlу іf уоuѕ аррlу ѕеvеrаl соаtѕ оf ріgmеnt] іn аddіtіоn tо rе-uѕаblе ѕtеnсіl.
  • Fаbrіс реnѕ wоrk оnlу аѕ wеll аnd wіll gіvе у’аll а trіvіаl mоrе thаn соmmаnd оf thе оutlіnеѕ – а соntrаѕtіng соlоr wоuld fасіаl еxрrеѕѕіоn blіmmіn’ brіllіаnt [wіѕhіng I’d thоught оf thіѕ еаrlіеr I’d ѕtаrtеd/fіnіѕhеd].
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