Marshmallow?  Good!  Chocolate?  Good!  Chocolate+Marshmallow dressed up in sprinkles?

These are really quick and simple sweets that I made for a party and they took minutes to make.

What You Need:


Chopped Nuts
Chocolate Drops

Fix each marshmallow to a skewer, ready to decorate

Melt your chocolate either in the microwave or in a glass bowl warmed over a simmering pan and have your decorations ready in small bowls as you will need to be quick so that the chocolate doesn’t set too quickly.

Dip half of your marshmallow into the melted chocolate and twist so that you get an even coverage of chocolate and then continue to twist as you take the marshmallow out – this will let any extra chocolate drip off and stop it from dripping down your marshmallow instead.
  Before the chocolate has chance to set, dip it in your sprinkles/decoration until covered – to dry, stand in a glass, [this wont take too long and I bet you eat at least one of them before it dries!]

If you’re feeling fancy, or make these as a gift, you can add a bow to dress it all up a bit.
You can decorate these in anything you like [everything tastes good with chocolate and marshmallow!] and are perfect for stirring in your hot chocolate.
Next time, I plan to be a bit more generous and make marshmallow kebabs, with each decorated in milk and white chocolate and slightly different decorations.

Tomorrow is the last day of Chocolate Week [booooo!] – but I have one of my favourites, Chocolate Apples – perfect for Autumn and Halloween!

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