Hello – Happy Friday.  I thought I’d finish my Chocolate Week [booo!] with one of my favourites – chocolate apples, perfect for the Autumn and Halloween.

What You Need:
Apples [I used Granny Smith]
Wooden Skewers
Chocolate [for 4 apples I used 200g and had plenty left over]

I’ve made these before and considering how easy they are to make, they look pretty impressive.
Remove the stalks from your apples and fix a skewer through around 2/3 through the bottom:
Line a tray with grease proof paper and set aside.  Now melt your chocolate covering, either on the hob or in a microwave.
Dip and twist your apple in the melted chocolate and cover it completely [use a spoon to cover the top if needed] and once completely covered, lift above the bowl of melted chocolate, still twisting and allowing the excess to drip off – once most has dripped off, set aside on the paper to cool.
Once the chocolate has had time to almost set, sprinkle with decoration [I used caramel sugar] and again, leave to continue to cool further
I also used white chocolate to create a marble effect, drizzling it across the apple and then added white chocolate drops…
Just before the chocolate sets, add any additional decoration and then leave to set completely.
Remove from the grease proof paper and your apples are ready to eat [and if you can find a clean/ladylike way to do this – let me know!].  There are so many variations to these that you can make and the decorations can be as simple or complex as you like [Pintrest has some amazing examples]
Apples and chocolate – it just works.
If you fancy a snack version, cut an apple in to segments, dip half in to melted chocolate, lay on grease-proof paper, decorate and set quickly in the fridge [to stop the other half browning] – perfect treat!
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