Good Morning – a really quick post today – create your own buttons with these easy button covers and a simple ‘How-To’

What You Need:
Self-Cover Buttons
Range of Fabric

Your fabric needs to be cut to allow it to cover the button and also be gathered inside the cover:
Pull your fabric to the inside of the cover and attach it to the grips that line the inside.  Once you have attached one side, grip the opposite, so that your fabric is pulled taut across the cover:

 Once you have pulled all the fabric under the grips [not all will necessarily fix under the grips,

but this is not a problem], the back of the button can be attached.
You need to press this firmly, or use something to help push and click in to place. 

I used my button to form the centre of the yo-yo flower for my Autumn wreath, however; you can create your own buttons for clothing, brooches and badges, decorations and embellishments.
…and it really is as simple as that!
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