I’ve started blogs over the last 10 years too many times to mention and each one has started with the same good intentions before trailing off after a month or so.  I really don’t want that to happen with this one.  I can’t achieve daily posts, but in helping myself, I have been drafting a few posts and ideas to help me keep on track.  This is also the first blog I’ve started without any real specific purpose, other than to document my how-to’s / DIY attempts and hopefully share them, in anything I create – jewellery, art, interiors…..
As a blog reader myself, I find myself drawn to the lifestyle blogs and inevitably comparing myself, which isn’t what I want to promote on my blog.  I also want this to be honest – things that go wrong, the time it takes and how easy or difficult it was – truthfully.  I really hope that if anyone visits here and tries any projects out for themselves, it’s to fit in with their own lifestyle and if you try any of my posts – I’d love to hear from you.
My first post quotes the fantastic Barbara Grizzuti.  As I’ve drafted posts and ideas, I’ve found many a blogger who already has the post on their blog, usually about 6 months ahead of me! so, although the idea or project is new to me (or more likely that I’ve only just got round to doing it), I’m not claiming originality, just my interpretation to fit in with my style, budget and ability.
I’ve learnt so much from other blogs – I hope I can contribute a little of the same.
P.S – I created the above quote picture, if you right click and save, you can print out your own x
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